About Me & Testimonials


When I discovered the magic of yoga, a light bulb went off in my head. I've always danced to the beat of my own drum and craved a greater sense of belonging. Yoga expanded my perspective and illuminated the path to self-love and discovery. As I show up with a willingness to be open, there is a return to my true nature.

Practicing yoga is an opportunity to uncover the answers that are deep within. Beyond the physical practice, our consciousness reveals emotions. We can think of yoga as planting the seeds we desire to grow and integrating them into all aspects of our life.

Through this path, I fulfilled my dream to become a Reiki Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher specializing in therapeutics. My passion is working with those who crave a more intimate connection within themselves. The time we take for ourselves is what makes us who we are in every other moment.

Powered by my own experience releasing toxic patterns, I have developed offerings rooted in radical self-expression, empowerment, and personal growth.

When we commit to showing up intentionally, we create space for fulfillment on a deeper level. If you are looking to grow from the inside out, join me and begin your journey today.

You'll find that in this heart-centered space, you belong.

Find your unique place here, whether it be working with me privately for 1:1 Mentorship, upcoming group communities, or future Bodhi & Spirit retreats. For any inquiries, head over to Work With Me to fill out the requested form so it allows me to know you more! Feel free to contact me at britt@bodhiandspirit.com.


Beautiful Britt, this weekend was amazing and just what I needed and seemingly what we all needed. You have such a loving way with others…you can easily communicate with anyone, and that is a gift.

-Lorine G.

This Rebirth retreat was exactly what my body, mind and soul needed for the weekend. Britt coordinated a beautiful time of ritual, connection and intimacy with the group that I know will result in lifelong friendships. Many times I marveled at how I felt as though we were immersed in activities as well as having plenty of free and reflection time so it was absolutely perfect. Chef Nate kept us well fed as we nourished ourselves in precious time of yoga, breath work, sound healing, art therapy, fireside chats all while immersed in the beauty of nature. The tremendous amount of space held for me allowed reflection and processing on a deeper level than I have experienced before and I can’t wait to return for the next retreat!

-Mimi T.

I instinctively asked Britt to support me and a circle of nine women to inspire our writing process, and I am so glad that I trusted my intuition. Britt brings a true leader's humility, warmth, and deep generosity with her gifts that speak to how undoubtedly authentic and grounded she is in her own truth and practice. She led us through gently guided breathing at a deliciously sensual pace, allowing ample space for nervous system regulation, deep body awareness, and flow of the divine muse. I often feel rushed when following others' pace of journeying, but with Britt, I could settle much deeper into the present moment.

I am so grateful for Britt's incredible sensitivity to the individual journey of embodiment, and the ease with which she guides. Her tone of voice is relaxed and effortlessly soothing, her methods are precise, and her approach is sovereign and trustworthy. Bringing Britt into one of my circles was a healing experience for me in restoring trust in shared leadership and in my own personal embodiment journey. I highly recommend working with Britt if you desire a sensitive, embodied facilitator who meets you where you are at, is proficient in tender space-holding, and knows how to guide deeper into the self.

-Noël R.

Intuition is such a fun character to follow because you never know exactly why or how or when but she’s always inviting me to follow my light and curiosity. So of course, when Britt mentioned she had calendar space for a connection call my intuition said, “duhh” and I booked right away. I initially felt it out as Britt being absolutely magnetizing, kind, soulful and easy to talk to – check, all of my boxes lol. After a few short minutes on the call it was clear that this wasn’t just a connection call to help refine her calls, this was a container held for deep internal healing. Britt met me where I was with processing life-changing news and guided me beautifully through breath work to release, explore the real cause of my grief, and befriend the shadows I was running from. I cried. I screamed. I laughed a little. I learned how to process this deep grief I was holding onto.

To say that our time together was just a connection call is greatly misleading because the space that she holds and the work that she facilitates in a 30-minute session is nothing short of transformational. My intuition knew what she is capable of as a coach and guide and now my mind understands why I was drawn to her. I will absolutely be working with her again and again.

-Sam H.

The Rebirth Retreat was perfectly hosted. Britt created a very warm and welcoming environment where it was easy to engage in stretching, breathing, yoga, sharing, and reflecting. The structure of the days was perfect with morning journaling, afternoon yoga, art therapy, and campfires at night. The food, lodging, accommodations, and staff were great. The location is gorgeous and it was wonderful to see the stars and spend the weekend away without technology.

Britt is an amazing instructor and teacher who lead all the events with openness and light. I truly feel better and more focused after having attended this retreat and look forward to returning the following year.

With love,

Dominique M.

The weekend at Rebirth Retreat with you and the amazing group truly made my heart grow.

I will cherish that weekend for always and I'll carry the wisdom of all in my heart. The escape and healing of nature was received well.

-Misty Mae S.

When I began privates with Britt I was looking for guidance with continuing my personal practice and integrating yoga more into my life. Each session with her was unique and special, accompanied with custom essential oil blends that she created to support the work and the chakra that we were addressing for the week. Her ability to create the environment along with her attention to subtle energy that holds space in such a way for healing to occur on many levels. The journal prompts really helped me to go deeper in my meditations and practice.

She always led in a gentle yet powerful way that created huge shifts and releases that moved me towards understanding myself in a much more intimate way. She is passionate about her practice and her students and her huge heart is very evident in her work. I highly recommend her for deepening your practice and helping to uncover hidden gems within ourselves that have been buried deep....

Britt has a magical ability to help you turn shit into gold, and she makes the refining process a truly blissful experience.

- Mimi T.

Honestly, I am speechless. I knew Britt was good at what she did, but I am blown away after having the opportunity to experience it first hand. I knew we would get somewhere in the 20 minutes we had together, but I had no idea I would experience a complete resolution of numerous personal traumas going all the way back to birth - in just 20 minutes. I'm amazed. So effortless and so gentle, she leaves the healing journey in your hands while acting as an intuitive guide to lead you through every step along the way. Thank you Britt!!!

-Kristian M.

Lexie E.

from Rebirth Retreat & Private Mentorship 2022

If you are even slightly called to join a retreat, I highly highly encourage you to follow that! The atmosphere that Britt creates fosters growth, relaxation, and joy.

I will be relishing in the love I experienced this weekend forever. Thank you Britt!

I have never done anything like Private Mentorship before and entered the experience with an open mind. It truly exceeded my expectations in every way. Britt is so thoughtful, insightful, and caring. She truly creates space for growth and exploration. I believe anyone would benefit from her services!