ReWild Retreat

New Mexico 2023

Join Amanda Monty & Britt Maddy for an immersive women's retreat in Angel Fire, NM ~ in the mountains of Taos ~ from April 21-24th. Tucked into the forest for an intimate weekend - there will be space for divine feminine connection, nature therapy, and bridging the gap between spirituality, creativity, and sensuality. This retreat will weave in all elements for a unique discovery into your own true nature... with embodied healing, Yogic philosophy and the sister science of Ayurveda.

This retreat will be small and intimate, up to 6 women. This is for you if you desire to...

Above are some photos where we are staying. This is the Folley Cabin in Angel Fire, New Mexico! There are shared and single bed accommodations for 6 women (all same price!) and will be first come, first serve upon arrival.

Lodging & Food are included! Menu will be finalized once all sign ups are filled. Please add any food/meal preferences to the application above.

ReWild Retreat Itinerary (tentative)

A Unique Yoga & Ayurveda experience

Friday April 21st - Happy New Moon!

Retreat Guests Arrive by 10:00am

(Coffee/ Tea)

10-11:00am Brunch 

11:30am- 2pm Opening Ceremony (intentions, sharing, & breath/ yoga)

Intro to Ayurveda in the Open Ceremony (Doshas & Gunas: how to balance)

2-3:00pm Unpack, Downtime 

2-3:30pm Light meal in between during downtime

4:00pm Kapha Yoga Workshop: Build fire & breath 

6:30pm Dinner

8:00pm Sit around Fire/ Sound Bath/ Downtime/ Star Gaze on Deck

Saturday April 22nd

(Coffee/ Tea)

8:00am Breath & Meditation 

8:30am Breakfast

9:30am - 11am Writing/ Ritual

11:00am Integrative Ayurveda Workshop for Lunch; Eat at 12:00pm

1-2:30pm Downtime, Nap or Take a walk

3:00pm Pitta Yoga Workshop: Playful, primal sound & movement

4:30-6pm Downtime, Journal integration

6:00pm Dinner

7:30pm Sunset walk to lake

8:00pm Fire/ Downtime/ Star Gaze on Deck/ Bed

Sunday April 23rd

(Coffee/ Tea)

8:00am Breath & Meditation 

8:30am Breakfast

10:00am Vata Workshop: Somatic Therapy Yoga w/ Ayurveda Self-massage

1:00pm Lunch

2-4pm Down time (pack if needed)

4:00pm Closing Ceremony: Integration, Sharing, & Ritual

Those who leave by Sunday: packed up by 5:30pm.

Buffet style food before going out,

6:30pm go out to Taos for drinks and night out

9-10:00pm Come back from Taos/ Star Gaze on Deck/Bed (time subject to change)

MONDAY April 24th

All Retreat Guests Depart by 10:00am

(Coffee/ Tea)

7:30am Meditation & Breath

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Pack to Leave *leave by 10:00am*


Britt Maddy

Britt, of Bodhi and Spirit, is a Registered Yoga Teacher, circle leader, women's embodied healing mentor and lover of ritual, writing, and movement. Welcome. 

Through my own dark nights of the soul, I found myself more and more interested in the deeper roots of our pain, how it manifests in the body, but also how potent the wisdom is within... if we listen. 

In my experience, I have witnessed countless moments of deep connection throughout working with women in such ways these last 4 years.

As my own practice turned into 1:1 mentorship,  retreat, and leading a circle of women each month, I'd find the invaluable discoveries of artful expression, breath and emotional body connection. 

These modalities become medicine to the soul, but are not for the faint of heart. I wish to guide you into your personal edges, but liberation of the heart expressed! 

Working with women is like co-creating with the divine feminine. There is a force so beautiful, like a force of nature.

My deepest WHY is to create experiences for others to freely be themselves in every capacity; for you, for me. Letus co-create magic, weirdness, and wonder together!

Amanda Monty

My name is Amanda and I’m a student at the Joyful Belly school of Ayurveda. I consider food to be my love language and have a deep passion for cooking and nourishing myself and others. In Ayurveda we practice healing through interacting with our environment- food, herbs, lifestyle choices, habits, climate, and nature.  For this retreat I will focus on teaching introductory style classes with an emphasis on food. Using this as your stepping stone you will gain a deeper understanding of the foods you eat every day, and learn how to begin integrating Ayurveda into your everyday life.

Payment plans are available! Please let us know in the application form or email Brittney.

If you are traveling out of state, needing travel accommodations, or are local to Colorado Springs & would like to carpool, please email Brittney at or text: 719-286-9054.

We will be staying in Angel Fire, New Mexico at the Folley Cabin.

*Due to the costs required for this 2023 retreat, there will be absolutely NO REFUNDS under any circumstances regardless of illness, weather, lack of transportation, etc.

What others have said about past retreats and gatherings...

If you are even slightly called to join a retreat, I highly highly encourage you to follow that! The atmosphere that Britt creates fosters growth, relaxation, and joy. 

I will be relishing in the love I experienced this weekend forever. Thank you Britt! ~Lexie E.

I'm so glad my sister and I were able to be at the circle, I loved last night! So excited for what is to come! You were in your truest form last night! You literally catalyzed death and rebirth with that breath work and meditation - I felt it and so did everyone else. So very powerful you are my love! It is an honor to experience your gifts and love! 

It fills my soul to be heard and accepted and you are divine for making room for all these different women to be heard and accepted. I admire you so very much!

Thank you thank you thank you for having us! 

-Kelsey W.

Britt always led in a gentle yet powerful way that created huge shifts and releases that moved me towards understanding myself in a much more intimate way. She is passionate about her practice and her students and her huge heart is very evident in her work. I highly recommend her for deepening your practice and helping to uncover hidden gems within ourselves that have been buried deep....

Britt has a magical ability to help you turn shit into gold, and she makes the refining process a truly blissful experience.

- Mimi T.

For more testimonials, click the About Me & Testimonials page.

For more details or questions, please email Britt at or Amanda at