I would love to get to know you! By filling this form out, I can feel into what you're desiring so that I may support you in the best way possible. 


I will always show up prepared, as I take time before every session to nurture myself and come from a place of positivity and love. The time we spend together is sacred, treated with intention and reflection. I promise to keep our healing sessions impactful, expressive, and to embody absolute truth. 

My promise is to listen without expectation or judgment. These sessions are a safe space where you can feel heard and supported. I will always be real with you and share my honest opinion with benevolence, sincerity, and devotion. I promise to value these sessions as if I'm tending to myself or a loved one.

*To learn more about what I may offer in private sessions, read the descriptions below

MOVEMENT builds a strong mind-body connection, improves flexibility, and relaxes the muscles. Moving your body empowers your sense of self, helps heal physical trauma and provides pain relief. 

The physical part of yoga creates a sense of awakening and enhances the energetic state of the body. I’ll guide you on how to transition from each pose safely and with ease. Expect creative sequencing to challenge the mind and add organic movements to your practice. My goal is to introduce new patterns of self-healing and help you become more empowered. Physical and emotional trauma can show up in the body like posture, flexibility, and how we show up for ourselves. We’ll explore all the sensations and release emotional blocks while we listen to the wisdom of our body and spirit.

GUIDED MEDITATION reduces stress and uplifts our mental, physical and emotional health. The journey inward creates shifts in perspective, allows increased concentration, and promotes peaceful sleep. 

Mindfulness practice helps bring awareness to our thoughts and emotions to help us heal. Guided meditations help train our minds to identify ego-driven thoughts and feelings to watch them drip away. My personal experiences with this practice shifted my perspective and brought me to a higher level of consciousness, where I received guidance to heal past wounds. I’ll lead you on a journey inward through visualizations for healing to address stuck emotions and provide restful sleep as you release stress from the body. There is expansion here to shift, as well as a deeper connection with the soul.

WRITING encourages freedom of self-expression and boosts creativity. This tool is an emotional outlet where we bring awareness to our thoughts and learn to follow our inner compass. 

With this medium, we get to know the magical story of you. Writing helps us heal from past traumas and can transform negative thoughts into positive ones. Revisit your past with love and openness and realize that it doesn't define you. Your story has much to play in why you are here on this Earth, and this deep dive can illuminate what has shaped you and inspired this journey. We find patterns, pivotal moments, and pain to turn them into power. Your expression is power, and how you view the world is vital to create a fulfilling life. It can feel like a homecoming and give clarity to your inner compass with ease. In this space, I encourage you to embrace your story to manifest acceptance and unconditional love.

CYCLIC SEQUENCING brings balance and empowerment to help us understand our mental, physical and emotional connections. The right nourishment for each specific phase promotes alignment and comfort to embrace our femininity. 

We are cyclical beings, flowing through life with every inhale and exhale in rhythm with the moon. Here we honor your ebbs and flows with proper movement and nourishment for hormonal level changes. Observe where you are in your cycle and form a unique schedule around your ever-changing energy levels. Even without a physical menstruation cycle, there is a deep connection to the feminine roots of cycle-syncing with the moon phases, days, and astrology.

BREATHWORK improves our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. With each breath, we create openness to soften, release stress and be less reactive. This space allows our levels of self-awareness and self-love to grow.  

Breathing exercises and techniques lower the heart rate and reduce stress levels to bring us back to homeostasis. Breathwork allows us to disconnect from the mind and find a deep sense of calm that reconnects us to our body and energy. It offers more immediate feedback than meditation because you can drop into your breath at any time. With practice, we become more content with our decision-making. Private practice with me will always begin and end with the breath. 

DAILY RITUALS provide time management and increase productivity to support a more purposeful life. With organization and devotion to each daily practice, we create a healthy lifestyle. 

Create space in your day to bring peace and build a deeper connection within yourself. Routines help us navigate each day with clarity and become more intuitive about the goals and desires we hold dear. 

Daily rituals show our subconscious that we are innately worth the time we take for ourselves. I encourage a ritual practice daily to check in on how you feel, whether that be morning pages, meditation, breathwork, nourishment, and self-care. This lifestyle shift where routine starts to become intentional and devotional brings on a healthy life. 

MORNING PAGES spark creativity and inspiration to help us get our subconscious state of mind on paper. This morning routine allows you to prioritize your thoughts and sets the tone for the day.

Journal first thing in the morning, before the ego makes an appearance when we are still in our subconscious mind. This practice enhances our intuition and creative imagination. This ritual creates space for reflection on sleep and dream patterns to find clarity with consistency. As the mind becomes clear, we can come into our heart space with ease and get out of the monkey mind. Even when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we can tap into the root of it and release it on paper so we can start anew. Every moment is a new opportunity to change the way we react to the world around us. 

ASTROLOGY & CARD READINGS create space for joy and playfulness to bring clarity and exploration into each day. These thought-provoking practices shine a light on our values and help to build a stronger sense of self. 

What activities brought you joy as a child? Astrology and card readings are a fun way to guide you back to self-understanding. Our sessions are a safe place to discuss anything that comes up, resonates, or sparks a conversation. Conversations are unique to every person, and openness allows us to learn and grow from sharing alternative perspectives. Readings give reassurance to patterns surfacing, or what may be weighing on the heart. It can bring light to certain aspects of life needing more clarification or inspiration from a different perspective.

*Modalities are offered based on discretion from both parties.